Friday, October 13, 2006

One package?

Season of evangelism comes with spiritual attack? Hmm, does this every time come like a package or something? Well, the fact is, it's well known that it's true and it's expected to happened everytime when there's a evangelism programs going on in any churches. Spiritual attack, within Christianity, is a term used to describe the belief that the Devil deliberately using supernatural powers to discourage the targetted Christian from their belief in God. Such attacks can come in many forms, all of which can have a lasting, even permanent, detrimental effect on the recipient's religious life. Spiritual attacks can include possession, fear of holy objects, such as bibles or other holy books, and in many other ways (sources from It has been happening for many years, when a church runs any program or events to evangelise, surely, something weird will happened; and I personally experienced such a thing during this season. May I proudly to share this story about "A summon from one hazzy night".

Well, the story goes like this, just like one odinary night after alpha course, I went out with my "friend" to find the exact location where she's going to interview tommorrow morning. So thank God, we successfully found that place. Just right after we found that place, a police car stopped us because they found us very suspicious. So have to do normal procedures as usual lor, "Matikan enjin, tunjuk Lesen dan IC please". Well, the policeman was being nice by asking please with a pleasant tone, so I decided to give him (well, do I sound like I have any option?). So he check my IC and license, then he found out that my license expired, then of course at once I show him my renew license, but then, sometimes shit happens; I don't know how it happened that my renewed license was lost. I searched all over my wallet, my car, my beg, and even my friend's bag. I can't find it. I was quite confident that the license is with me, but still, I failed to show them my renew license. And due to that, I was being issued a summon.

At that time, I thought that I might accidently left it in my "friend" house. So, I decided to go to look for it tommorrow. So, skip a chapter to the next scene. Then here it goes, I reached my friend's place already, then in order to go into the place, I need to take my license to exchange the visitor plat. Here is the climax of the story, I FOUND MY LICENSE INSIDE MY WALLET. It's really impossible that I can't see it if my license was there in the beginning in my wallet. Because of this, somehow, I've did a charity to donate money to government. So, what to do you think? It's a human error or spiritual attack? Believe or not? Believe it!