Thursday, November 27, 2008

Internet down..

For the past few days I did not online. Man, now only I realized that actually I can stay survived without internet connection. Hahaha.. I so used to online everyday and every night. It seems like I can survive without internet.. (only for a period of time of course, still need to watch youtube.. haha)..

Preparation for christmas event is tough. For the past few weeks we are rushing for the dance routine that we are going to perform on christmas eve. I'm not going to tell you what dance, you come and find out your own on that day lah, haha, and yup.. I dance.. :P

My shoulder muscle were very tension these few weeks. Can't have a proper rest. Man, this is killing me slowly. But thank God for my colleagues. They bought me "salopas". Haha.. I think I didn't get the spelling right, but like whatever. Haha.

Yesterday our staff team had an early morning exercise. An aerobic I should said. But who knows, we got the wrong dvd.. Haha, the whole 50 minutes is all about working out your abs and 6 paxs.. Oh man, I tell you, it hurts like shit right now. I feel pain even when I sneeze. Will get a new dvd soon. :P

*Next tuesday, cycling in putrajaya.. Muahaha....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I don't know why..

I don't know why..

1) I easily forget where I put my things. 
2) I easily forget what incident happened.
3) I easily forget what I've heard and said.

I just don't know why.. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank God for being a peacemaker..

..Now this is what I called share group..
..We argued and we forgive..

...And Rick do looks like Garfield.. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh ya, have I not mentioned that I moved out and I finally have my own room right now! Yeah!! Although, I've moved out since month, but nevertheless, YEAH!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For the past 2 months..

Ok ok, I'll get it.. I updated already..

Ya, it's by through nagging and scolding that I finally updated my blog. Hahaha.. Been very busy in these few months, that's why I'm not in the mood to blog. Everyday when I reached home what was in my mind was to sleep.. Hahaha.. Anyway, here's a little update about myself..

For the past 2 months:

I started working already lu.. At a moment I pause for a while to think, I no longer can have the student's privillege already. Sigh.. No more RM7 for movie, no more cheap haircut, no more discounted price for food, and many other things. I missed those things.. If victor would have read this, I'm pretty sure that that feller sure be proud that he's a student now and definitely saysomething that will make me give him a one kind look. I wonder why I would thought of it that way, but that's the way it is now.. Hahaha.. 

And I'm currently working at church now. Everyday I found it happy because you know, it's church.. Where else could I be anymore happier to be able to work at church. I've been spending most of my time in the church during the past 3-4 years to help out in the ministries. And now, I'm actually being paid what I've been doing for the past 3-4 years ago, the only different is there's more to do now lah.. I really don't know what my direction will be if I'm not working in church. But well, most probably I'm working in Bentley Music now I perhaps because that's my dream to pursue my career in music industry. On monday I met a new friend working in Bentley and what a small world. He's from KK and we had alot of things in common; that makes us easily to be click with one another. He's actually living in my dream. He studied business previously and now he's taking professional music classes for and pursued his career in music industry. But either way, I'm glad that I choosed the way that God wanted me, not the way that I wanted for myself. 

A little bit stuff from my work. Currently whatever Desmond is doing previously, yup, I'm taking over. Man, it's not easy Des.. I can't planned things ahead and I was forced to make decisions at the very last minute. Oh, by the way, I am in-charge of transportation for the church and as well as "the entertainer" or the "PR" or whatever la.. Now the challenges bar has been raised to a higher level. The challenges faced nowadays it's even hard to tackle. It's not as easy as it was before. More responsibilities added in ministries. All church ministries is all about dealing with people. The more responsibilities was added, the more I need to be able to communicate well and having said that, it seems that so far I'm not doing a good job in this area. It's hard and it's tough. But I'm not giving up.. Another mountain I need to conquer..

There's a saying, "If the mountain is smooth, you can't climb it"..