Saturday, September 29, 2007

Updated already... ~ Yeah~

Finally, NO more EXAMS, NO more ASSIGNMENTS, and NO more revision, but only for last for only 2 months. But anyway, I'm glad that I've passed all these. I always thank God for His faithfulness. He's been always there for me whenever, I mean really whenever I needed Him. It's been long time didn't update my blog. Wait, let me check back when is the last blog I updated.. ~haha~ It's like 9 months ago.. --" In this 9 months, many things had happened to me.. Getting myself entered into a new relationship, I've finished 2 semester :P , many lessons I've learned through circumstances, and if I continue I think I won't be able to finish typing.. haha.. Anyway, two of the most happening events that I had for these past 9 months were, firstly of course entering into a new relationship. I am very thankful and very blessed to have such a supporting, loving, and caring soul mate (although sometimes kena nag abit :P). Without her supporting all the while, especially in the past few months, I believe that I would have gone through it much harder. Thank you dear..

Secondly, it’s almost equally significant; a band was formed. I was actually very excited about this. Even though we are not professional musicians and also not talented people, but we are very passionate about music. Actually, there are few people that changed my life entirely, firstly, of course it would be God, secondly it’s my cell leaders, thirdly my friends that cared for me, and lastly, by having a dream also made me changed my life. I think without them, I wouldn’t be who am I right now, for those who knows me previously and currently, they might noticed it.

Maybe one fine day I think should talk more about the band and my dream and also some problems I’m facing.. I’m very tired.. ~yawning~ now.. Good night..