Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival

Today it's Mooncake festival!! Happy Mooncake festival to all of you. Today I went for a dinner to join my new cell group. Kinda not really use to it calling it cell group. Used to called it share group back in FCC. But nevertheless, it's cell group now! The cell group are also very new to me, in terms of environment and age group. I'm too used to leading and joining a share group that are younger than me. But now, oh man, I'm the youngest.... The rest are like, having at least 2 kids and married.. I mean, of course they're married then only have kids.. The youngest one also older than me 1 year.. Haha, this is new to me...

Well, I'm actually kinda low esteem now because of my education level and my English still sucks.. Can't really communicate with them.. Most of them are businessman, bosses and even doctors. Hard to relate, but I'll see it as a challenge for me to learn how to communicate and relate to the people I have no idea what are they talking about. This is fun.. : )

I don't know since when that I started smiling and even giggle sometimes when there's something challenging that I need to get over with. I think I love to be challenge I guess? And with competitive, I guess I can grow faster… I guess?? Hahaha..

Anyway, it’s 12 again.. Need to sleep lu.. I’ll try to update again whenever I could..

Good Night everyone..

**Signing off**

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My life here in KK

The latest of my post was in December 2009. It was nearly a year ago I update my blog. Recently I've been asked to transferred to serve in Kota Kinabalu. One of my friend asked me to update my life here in KK. I'm grateful to him because he cares. Of course I believed that they are a lot of people who cares about me. That is why I decided to resume my blogging for them to know what's happening in my life here. Thanks for the caring.. : )

It's been 3 weeks now serving in KK. So far, everything are still quite "well managed". Still trying my best to cope and relate to the people here and the timing here. The working environment here is definitely very different from my previous church. The organization is bigger than previous and of course the team are also bigger. But thank God so far in my department I can 'clicked' with them and I think the chemistry is there.

Now, after transferred here and my job scope has been spelled out recently; my work responsibilities has been added. Now my main role here is more towards on supporting on the music side (which is something that I finally can do). I've been hoping that one day in the future that my career path is about music. I'm actually very happy that I finally got that. I will be learning and assisting on how to do music arrangements for children, youth and adult services. I'm also responsible to spot and train musicians for them to serve in music team. Definitely I have many things to catch up and learn. Although I'm happy, but there are certain equal amount of stress too. I've never been trained musically in a proper way. What I've been learning is all by myself by observing others how to do it.

Thankfully, what I've learned in my previous church was a preparation for me to serve a bigger body. God puts me in worship team so that I could learn from my very close buddy. I thank him for all the hard time that he gave me. Now I missed those 'gasak moments' and 'screwing moments'. It's because of him, I become who I am today, musically and of course spiritually. Thank God for him. God also allows me to take over on a creative ministry though it's only for a few months. In that I've learned how to organized music classes, prepare teaching materials and organizing events. Whatever I've learned there's a purpose and I know what's the purpose now.

I'll stop here because it's already 12.30.. Here in KK I just couldn't afford to sleep late.. Back in KL, I could stand until about 1 - 2 in the morning. Here in KK? No way... If one day not enough sleep, that's it... Now everyday have to wake up at 7 and Saturday have to wake up at 6 and 5.30 for Sunday... Never in my life after secondary school I wake up so early back in KL. I'll try my very best to update as often as I can about my life over here. Hahaha, I'm more busier here compared to KL..

Till then... Take care my friends in FCC...
*signing off*