Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your grace is sufficient for me.. always.. (part 2)

Hehe, so I was late for few days, forgive me.. :P. Too busy with assignments.. So here comes the 2nd part of "Your grace is sufficient for me.. always.. part 2"

The second time I joined the youth camp was in 2006, so this time around, it is still the same problem I encountered, which is my financial status and this will always be for a student with no side incomes and foolishly try to go somewhere else for a trip. Every time when I was being called or maybe I should say being challenged by my worship leader to go for that camp, I am seriously worried about money. But whenever I thought of that, there are some people will tell me that, “Hey, don’t worry about money, when you’re doing God’s work, God will provide”. “Man, of course it is easy for you to say, it’s me that don’t have money, not you.” That was what I used to say silently in my heart when people said that to me. But that was me previously of course. So this might come across your mind, do you usually thinks that there is no one understand your feeling what you’re going through in that moment? I used to think that people don’t understand what I’m going through during the period, but the matter of fact is, people really do understand. Nothing is new under the sun, that’s what God says. So, don’t ever think that you are the only one that facing that problem, in fact, all of us do.

So, there are two very important people came into my story of blessing, first is Kevin and the second one is Irene. Kevin offered himself to help those who do not have enough money or financial problem. Some sort of a money lender like that. It’s not “loan shark” ar, because he did not charge with interest. Then I borrowed a sum of money from him to pay off my air ticket. Then Irene came into my story because out of nowhere, she gave me an envelope. And of course you guys know what is in the envelope right? Yup, it’s the money. I really thank God for her, and btw, she’s my spiritual mother because she was the witness when I was baptized. The envelope that she gave me eases me a lot in paying my debts. Because of both of them, I was able to joined to the camp and served in the camp as an electric guitarist. I also will share about my journey becoming an electric guitarist when I have time to do so (this is sort of like a sneak peak. Hahaha).

So after came back from the camp, I am clearing my debts by monthly like what I’ve told him my payment scheme would be. At the last 2nd payment, he said to me that “No need to pay for the last 2 installment, treat it as a blessing.” Wao, blessing after blessing.

It really proves me that our God is not a joking God, in Hakka they called it “mou gau xiao oh!” When He says that He’ll provide, man, you’ve gotta be prepare for it man. Don’t play play with our God. So for those who are afraid or fear of something that stopping you in achieving something great for our God, from now on you don’t have to be. Our powerful God that is in control of everything is living in us, yes, in you. You can do almost countless of things when Christ is in you. Impossible is a word that doesn’t exist in God’s dictionary, it’s only found in human’s dictionary.

So this is the 2nd part of the stories. Recently another great testimony happened to me. So that would be in part 3. Till then.. Peace..

This was the team that went to the Camp in KK. Haha, Desmond, you're still thin that time. Hahaha..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Your grace is sufficient for me.. always.. (part 1)

For the past three days, I’ve experienced the wonderful blessing from God. Allow me to share my joy with you. For the past few months ago, I was still struggling to decide whether wanted to go to youth camp at KK(Kota Kinabalu). Btw, that youth camp I mentioned, it was a camp that organized by Sabah Diocese every year. The purpose is to gather all the teenagers from age 13-20++ (haha, I used to fall under 20 category, anyway..) to worship God together and to build relationship between the Anglican’s churches in Sabah.

Back to where I am, I have been joining this camp about 3 times including this time. And every time I joined this camp, I have a struggle which is my financial status. Well, people said that Air Asia is the cheapest airline, well, until a certain point I do agreed with that. But as a student, for me, I still find difficulties in finding my own money to buy the air ticket. But each and every time God knew my circumstances. He’s there to always provide me. The first time I went to that camp was in year 2005. The blessing of God to me was, He provided me a cheaper air ticket. The story goes like this, a team from FCC (which is my church Faith Christian Center) were joining the camp and all of them were buying the tickets earlier to make sure the flight was available on that day. So the price that time was around 180++ if I'm not mistaken. A few people asked me to buy during the same time. But I was a student, how can I afford that. So I decided to trust in God and of course I did prayed for a cheaper price. And well, God was really good to me, in about a month later, God pulled the price down to 80++.. I saved about, well, you do the calculation lar.. Haha.. And I forget to mentioned that, it was about a week ago before we left.

God really understand my needs at that moment, I was left nothing to say but just to praise Him and to ponder more of Him. That was about 3 years ago.. I'll continue my "Your grace is sufficient for me.. always.. (part 2)" some other day because I'm feeling really sleepy and hungry.. Sigh, I hate I'm hungry when it's time to sleep..

This was me taken in some mountain in Tawau la, forgot the name already.. Oh boy, I'm still skinny that time... Haha.. Till then.. Peace

Friday, July 11, 2008

The meaning of failure

For some people, “failure” or “failed” or whatever word that is close to that meaning, is a word that they will try their best not to learn the meaning from any kind dictionary or even if we can, we don’t want to know this word even exist. The word failure really seems hard to digest isn’t it? But the matter of fact is, whether you like it or not, failure is a part of life. Let me explain why. When we were about a year or 2, we start to learn how to walk, and part of the learning progress, we fell. And when we were about 2 to 3 years old, we start to learn how to run, and part of the learning progress, we fell. When we were in our primary school, well, this doesn’t apply to all, we failed our tests and exams. When we in our secondary school, it doesn’t apply to all as well, we failed our tests and exams, but this time, we add a little more stuff, some of them might have failed in their relationship as well. When we are in our college life, as usual, we might have failed our tests, projects, exams, relationship and etc. When we graduated, we might fail looking for jobs for like half a year or maybe more. Failure is just with us in every stages of our life. But of course, there are people who had never failed before in their life, well; I do thank God that He had really blessed them. But most of us, we do encountered many failures in our lives.

Imagine what if we stop learning walking when we fell or we stop dating when we failed our first relationship or we stop studying when we first failed our paper? Or imagine what if Alexander Graham Bell gave up on his research after failing so many times just to make the telephone works, or what if Wright’s brother gave up after the first attempts to flight were not successful, or what if even Christ gave up after being accused he’s a blasphemer and all He did on earth is for us, to prepare a path of salvation of mankind. And if He choose not to die on the cross during His suffering at Gethsemane knowing that He is going to die soon? The matter of fact is all of them they did not gave up on their failures. That is why we have our telephone, airplanes and even salvation. Failure is a reason for all of us to do better next time, is an opportunity to become a better person. Treat failure as your close friend, he will make you a better person.

Failure was never meant to crush you, but to make you even stronger, tougher, steadier, mature, wiser, and the list goes on. So far for now.. Peace..

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another week..

Ah ha, I've made it.. Haha.. This week I was assigned again to fetch people back to damansara. Last week, I dare not to fetch them back because I was not sure about the road. But today, haha, I've not fail myself. All of them are safe back to their houses. Thank God.. Haha.
Regarding about the previous post, few days ago some thoughts came across my mind when I'm listening to David Cook's songs. I was wondering, how good it is if I know him personally as a close friend. Or maybe Jessica Alba since I'm watching Honey right now on TV3. Or maybe Tom Cruise since suddenly "The Last Samurai" popped out of my mind. That would really made me really different isn't it? I think I would have more privillage than normal people. I get to know their personally, what places that they have been before, what funny things had happened to them before or what interesting things happened to them. It will also make me feel proud because I have a famous celebrities as my friend.
As I think a little bit more further, I think I would have more privillage if I'm a son of a King or maybe a President or something. I can do everything, almost everything I can. I can eat whatever food I want to eat, I can buy whatever clothes I want, I can buy many guitars as I want and the lists goes on and on and on..
If you're proud because you have celebrities as your friend, or maybe you're proud because you're son of someone, I believe and you should be even proud if you are a friend of God. Hey, is God wor. Have you ever thought of God can be your bestfriend?? God extend His invitation to us to be His friend. I believe that it is the highest privillage that we can have. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. Can you find a friend like that? Well, I found one.. Jesus.. He died on the cross to wiped off our sins once and for all that we may find hope again. Treasure God more would you? :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things to think..

I was quite bored the whole day. Just a random question wanted to post out to you guys. Do you like to spend time in thinking something or certain issues? What stuff that you guys usually will think?