Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Lately I’ve been very down. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually also been tested by the Lord. Wave after wave of disappointments. I guessed it’s another season to be mould by God. 

Please walk together with me dear Lord. Knowing that You're here with me meant more than anything else to me.. Hold my hand Lord and walk with me..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My oh my..



Oh boy, we've entered the last month of the year already. This is so fast.. And this reminded me there is one more task that I should complete for this year resolution, which is to complete one more book.. Haha.. Have you done yours? You still have one more month left, in fact, you only have another 27 days left only.. Hahaha..

When I looked back what I've been through this year, well, it's a fruitful year I should proudly said. This year alone, there's a lot of breakthrough.


Firstly, FCC moved to a bigger church; from a shop lot to factory lot. When we moved to the new building, we were using the small conference room because the main hall hasn’t been completed yet during January.



FCC is forming an official committee member through nomination by the church members. The nomination was announced in this month.



The renovation is complete in this month. And on the 9th of March, we have our building consecrated by our bishop. Also during March we had our very first FCC English concert called “Love Actually”. Then continue with FCC Chinese concert called “The Red Compass”. And we had our very first annual general meeting and the new committee was formed.



Our Sabah diocese launched our very own album called “Set Apart”. The songs are great.



We had our Alpha course running on this month. And this is the month where she have to leave because of work. A sad month for me..



Our English Faith Music was started in this month.



The worship team went over to KK to join the youth camp. We are leading the group of people in worshipping the Lord and also sort of reunion with my love one.



We had our fun night on Music Revolution 2+. This is an event of reclaiming music for the Lord. Many people joined in the competition this time. Many of them wrote many good songs and also they did a good job as well in singing. This is really fun..



We had the final round of MR2+. Winner was announced and prizes were given. Cash baby.. Hahaha.. Then the following week, we are blessed to have the “Covenants Players” to serve us in our church by playing a drama for us. Then another following week, we had an opportunity to attend Cat & Dog Theology classes conducted by Rev. George Ong from Singapore.



We had our confirmation service. 30 over members was been confirmed this time. Thank God for all the new members that was been confirmed. This is the month also that I joined the staff team in my church.. Hehe.. 



This month is exciting month. On the 24th of December, we will have Christmas manna. It’s an event and it’s a musical drama event. We’ll be performing live musical drama on stage and also there will be dance during that night. Let me give you a little clue what dance it’s going to be.. Hip hop dance baby.. Hehehe.. Do come and join us and enjoy the musical night. Songs were written by our own member specially for the drama, songs were great!! And of course, Christmas service on the 25th.. There will be accapella.


Well, so much for this year... Next year it’s going to be even more exciting..