Sunday, August 17, 2008

KK, here I come..

Yeah, another 15 more hours I can meet my darling in KK lu.. After 3 months of long distance relationship, finally we can see each other. And what makes me stay up until so late and blog about it, haha, thanks to my ASSignmnet. Recently had been sleeping late because of the assignment. Sigh, so let's not talk more about that boring stuff.
So, here are little updates from me so far..
To be exact, I have another 3 more weeks then I will no longer wearing anymore Apiit's student tag. YEAH!! But at the same time, I no longer can have student's privilege. No more cheap movie ticket, no more cheap haircut, no more special discount for students, and many more. Somehow, my feeling tell me that when someone who is already working will tell me this, "Haha, welcome to our world!" Somehow..
Oh how could I ever forget this.. Hehe, by God's grace finally I’m leading a group of 3 in my share group. What's a share group? It's a group of people where we meet and we share our journey of life to encourage and to be encouraged by one another. We share our deepest fear, our ups and downs, our worries, our excitements, our interests, our passions, and most importantly we share and we get to know each other more, very much like a family; genuine relationship with one another. Our first ever meeting was on Friday. We really had fun, like really fun spending time together in playing games, singing few songs, and sharing our lives. Adele, I’m sorry to mention this again, but that is nothing close to a tractor. Hahahaha… May I invite those who doesn’t have share group, come and join us. We can't wait to share our joy together with you and to become part of us as a family.

We’ll be meeting every Friday at 8.oo p.m. in church. To find out more about our church, here’s the link (

Well, so far for now. I can’t think of anything else because my brain is shutting down already. Haha, till then. Oh ya, the part 3 will be posted once I’m back from KK.. Hehe.. God bless all of you..