Sunday, October 17, 2010

A child's prayer

After a long day started from 5.30 am till now, the most happiest things for today is when I served in the children's cell. It's very joyful when you see all the children giving all their best in playing games and singing songs to worship God. It's full of joy and energy. It totally made up my day seeing the kids learning all the dance actions and singing along. Their are just so inspiring to look at.

After the worship, one of the Sunday school teacher reported that one of the child omitted to hospital was discharged 2 days ago and when she asked among the children who would like to pray for the child and guess what? A 5 year old boy stood up and walk up front to the stage and pray a very simple pray. "God, please heal Abigael so that she will be healthy and she can come to my church". Just that simple prayer, my heart was melted right away. In my heart I was wondering, how can God resist not to answer a prayer like that? It was pure from heart and genuine.. After been transfered here for almost 1 and half months, many lessons, many of them I learned from the children. It is foolish that we as an adult said that children doesn't know much. Actually we are the one that really doesn't know much. Truly when Jesus said, "I praised you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to the little children." -matt 11:25-

We as an adult are too complicated most of the time. I understand that the older that we grow, the more responsibilities that we have to carry and the self awareness became more and more. I'm an adult too, so I'm also speaking these to myself. But let's observe and learn from the children. Everything that they do they seems very anticipating, very lively, giving all their best and everything seems very excited to them. Every Sunday I went in and play games with them, no matter how simple is the game is, they are very "into" the game and no matter how hard is the dance action they will try their best to follow to. Only with these two things it taught me a huge amount of lessons.

Am I giving my best in everything that I'm doing now? Am I committed to it? Am I trying before I says it's too hard for me? Did I walk the talk? There are so many things I can learn..

Thank God for the fruitful weekend..