Friday, November 30, 2007

What makes me different?

Recently this question keep prompting in my mind and makes me can't stop thinking of it. What makes me different? Seriously I don't know. Ya, Christians were called to be different, I am christian but am I really different from others? Jesus said that we are called to be the salt of the world and also light of the world. But do I really am? Or any chances close to that?

Today I went shopping alone, somehow I realized that I am nothing different from anyone else on the street, even in my class. I'm not as hardworking as those who really dumped in everything just to get A, I'm not as smart as those top student, and as conclusion, I'm not outstanding student/people. So how am I going to show to other people that who really Jesus is.

My new semester just started and this is my final year, I prayed that I can do something that make God feel proud of me.

Our band had actually existed for 9 months, and recently God finally show His way to our band. Finally we've sort out many things that we previously not. Thank God and by God's grace we are able to went through that stage. Now another challenge is waiting ahead. The challenge of relationship between all the band members. The band have gone through alot and hoping that one day, this band will make a great impact to the local churches even reached out the society. Hopefully this will go somewhere, at least somewhere..