Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese who celebrate CNY and also non-chinese who celebrate CNY also.. Hehe..

CNY is a season where there's lots of opportunities to earn money. You can do business on selling mandrin oranges, those CNY biscuits, dry meat (yuk kon), packets drinks, and etc etc. Below is a way to gain some profits during cny and that I find it... "Fresh" in a way.. Anyway, enjoy..

Today I went back to my hometown (stop asking, and yes, I do have hometown), so happened there's a group of kids aging was around 7-14 probably, were asking around for angpau. Oh, they are malays btw.. I was kindda like, ( -,-") man, their face is really thick.. They said this to us, "Gong Xi Fatt Chai aunty uncle. Boleh bagi angpau tak? Tak ada angpau bagi satu ringgit pun boleh". And they were like 7 or 8 of them. They go from one house to another house. It seems that they keeep smilling and laughing all the way.. I don't know whether are they having fun doing this, or do they really get angpau from those houses. I was sitting outsite and out of curious I observed them. Just to know whether can they really get angpau by asking like this. Of course on my side, instead of giving angpau, we gave mandrin oranges to them. Hahaha.. Hey, what do you expect? Give them angpau? 

Maybe when you don't have enough money next time, maybe, I mean seriously consider this.. Hahaha.. Go visit all your friend's house.. At least you'll get RM2 each house. Haha. If you're lucky, you'll meet their relatives as well.. And.... I'm just kidding.. Never do that.. That's just so rude..

Happy Chinese New Year!!