Friday, April 04, 2008

Cry on my shoulder

Walao, another sleepless night.. Damn you Assignment.. and damn you Danny because you're lazy bump.. But if I didn't not stay up until so late, I will never had a chance to found this song. This song, some how comforts me a lot, like really a LOT.. This is also for you Jenny.. :)

Cry on my shoulder:

If the hero never comes to you

If you need someone, you’re feeling blue

If you wait for love, and you’re alone

If you call your friends, nobody’s home

You can run away, but you can’t hide

Through a storm and

through a lonely night

Then I’ll show you, there’s a destiny

The best things in life, they are free


But if you wanna cry

Cry on my shoulder

If you need someone

Who cares for you

If you’re feeling sad

Your hearts gets colder

Yes i show you what real love can do

If your sky is grey Oh let me know

There’s a place in heaven, where we’ll go

If heaven is a million years away

Oh just call me and I’ll make your day

When the nights are

getting cold and blue

When the days are getting hard for you

I will always stay by your side

I promise you, I’ll never hide


This song is just so wonderful.. I hope the lyrics will encourage you..

If you are curious how does it sounds like with melodies..

or... watch it down here... hehe.. enjoy the song..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The greatest Gifts..

It’s been very long I did not update my blog. Last weekend till now, I had many bad experiences. My secondary school friends got married and not only I have to give “gifts” to him, but at the same time also, I got a gift from uncle police. It’s a long story.. But nevertheless, it’s my fault too. Then at the same night, my phone suddenly got hang, then after I turn off the phone and on it back again, suddenly, my phone only appears white screen. I had no idea how did it happened, but it just did. Well, I can’t view any of my messages, I can only received calls. Then today is my assignment due date and yet I screwed up my assignment. I spent the whole day to complete my assignment before 7. I finished up at 6.15pm, but who knows, I did not save the document. I don’t know why either, I remember pressing CTRL+S for many times already, but when I wanted to open the document to re-check again, it appears nothing, what I’ve done previously all did not get saved. But I thank God I managed to finish up before time although the points are not complete.

There are many reasons I can thank God for, but among so many things that He gave me, I believe the most precious gifts from Him was, Jesus Himself. Salvation that He gave it me for free cost His lives to be hangs on the cross. There is none gifts that are greater than this. The second most precious gift that He gave me was my girl friend.

This is my girlfriend, lovely isn’t she?

I always like to tease her, we have been communicating like that since we’re friends. Actually one of my hobbies is to tease. To be able to share my life with her is a blessing to me, we’ve gone through much although we’ve just been together only for a year. But we know each other almost 3 years before we get along together. This is what I dream of for my relationship, to start with being a friend first. We got along closer and closer and eventually both of us also fall for each other without both of our realization.

During in the relationship, we been through tough time together, “It get even tough when she’s emotional!” Haha, but even through that, we solved the problems together. I used to run away from her when both of us are in the bad mood because of arguments, but she taught me not too, so I listened to her and I changed slowly, and now I’m not running anymore from her. That is what I’ve learned and I will use it always in many areas of my life. I wish that I could always be around her when she’s sad, and she always seems to be strong in front of other people, but she’s actually quite not. She had too, because she doesn’t want people that are close to her feel bad. She cared about other people’s feeling too much that she would rather swallow it herself, even though when she was being misunderstood. I also wish that I could be by her side to cheer her up and makes her happy always. But unfortunately, what I fear the most it’s finally happening to me. She had to leave because of work. She’s going to enter full time to be a church worker soon and she’s going very soon. She will be sent to KK to do her training there. I knew this day would come, I’ve tried my best to encourage her but yet my tears drops when I saw her tears falling from her eyes. I knew that what is the purpose that God sent her away, I understand it very well. But though I understand, my heart feels so pain but I don’t wish to share this burden to anyone. She has been with me all the while, whatever we do we do it together, but when I start thinking that she’s not with me, it really breaks my heart. There’s nothing I can do, what I can is to write on the blog, cause I knew people won’t visit my blog cause’ I’ve stop writing for a long period. I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful partner. There is nothing more I could ever want than both You and her..

God, I knew the reason You are sending her away, keep me strong Father. No matter what, I still trust, no matter what..