Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

It’s been a while that I wanted to update my blog but due to busyness and “procrastinating”, I’ve not been doing so. I have so many things wanted to share about my life and all the things I’ve learned but don’t know when I got time to put those thoughts in words and due to that it’s bottleneck now. Too many things until I don’t know what to type now. Just type something to get it started first. Hahaha..

It’s been 4 months now I’m away from home. The place where I am now brings me a lot of challenges and I believed for these past 4 months I’ve grown a lot both in spiritually and also physically. Hahaha.. Hard to maintain on physically though. But still ok la.. Still consider “fit” la. I’m really missing home a lot. I missed my mom, my brothers, my church and my friends too. This time is the longest period I’m away from home. But thank God for Chinese New Year.. Hahaha.. I’ll be back to KL again for a week. Hooray!!

I’ve never really appreciate the value of family until I left the home. Well, those who are with your family members now better appreciate them better especially during the festival that is coming. Family is very important among all because this is the one thing that you can’t choose. Among so many choices of life that we have, we can’t choose or decide which family that we’re going to born too. I believed God has His purpose to put us into a specific family. And I’m thinking is to show our love to them. I don’t know about you, but the more I know God through His words, the more actually I love God and I find it easier to love my family. Back then, I really find it hard to love my family, but with God’s grace, I’m a changed person now. I started to value family now. Maybe this is part and puzzle of life. The older you grow, the lesser friends you will have and at the end you’ll find out that, only family will last. Friends are important, but families are more important. Same principle applies to money. Money is important, but God is the most important. During this Chinese New Year festival, choose family over career will ya? Put family first above all else.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Don’t gamble ah!! Hahaha.. God bless…

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Sam Vun said...

Good to see an update finally :D keep it up~