Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Fasting everyone!

Today in Christians calendar marks the beginning of the Lent season where mostly Christians will be fasting and praying to achieve some sort of growth and discipline in our spiritual life. These 40 days fast and pray serves as a reminder to all Christians that Jesus was being tempted 40 days by Satan in the desert the same amount of days and Jesus triumphed over all of the temptations. In this period of time, Christians are ought to be more serious in terms of disciplining and growing our spiritual life. What we do in our daily routines, we will fast at least one of those things that we usually do and replace it with prayer. It could be anything or any form of addiction, such as computer games, ps3, psp, particular food or junk food, drama series, or a particular habit such as scolding and cursing someone while you’re on the hectic massive traffic jam, gossiping, or perhaps using improper language in your conversation to curse and swear.

Well, I'll be fasting mainly 2 things. One is lunch and the very reason why I started to blog again because the second thing that I'm fasting is Facebook. I need to write down somewhere what I’ve learned. *sniff*.Not that I worship Facebook or something, but it really taken me a lot of my time and attention. As I was thinking what to fast besides lunch, well, I thought of Facebook.

You see, facebook, like it or not, it has become a HUGE part in our life. We shared our experiences in life, we upload the photos where we’ve been, share our thoughts, sometimes just update what we’re doing currently and where we are currently.

*The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event, well mostly*.

For example, when the cinema suddenly experiencing power cut in the middle of the movie, almost immediately you will see many will take out the “torch lights” and they will start harassing the “torch light” and update their status saying “What the heck? Power cut?? WHY? What about my movie tickets? You spoiled my date!” followed by obscene language. How do I know? Mostly, we are also one of them. Instead of taking your “torch light” to shine they way, you shine it on your face. And most of the time, almost immediately, when I said immediately is like real immediately, you’ll get respond pretty fast and those respond are such as “You too?” Then next thing you’ll do when you get the notification is you’ll take a good look at the friend beside you and said, “You’re just beside me dude. Like that also want to comment?” Typical Malaysian English! Hahahaha..

Facebook or some of these networking websites has really spice up our life definitely. Sadly some people misused these good things. Well, today is the beginning of Lent, so happy fasting everyone!

*Since I've decided to fast Facebook, well, blogging is the way to go now!*

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