Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsunami in Japan...

A major event has caused the worldwide to be concerned about, especially those neighboring countries of Japan. I’ve been following the news on CNN and it really doesn’t look good at all. Those videos really show how devastating the earthquakes and tsunami are and the damages that causes are enormous. Besides earthquakes and tsunami, now with the addition of explosion of the nuclear power plant has raised the fears of citizen in Japan to another level.

As I am typing, I’m still reading the news. It’s really saddening to witness such news. But what are more depressing is, these people instead of praying or contributing something to ease the pain that the Japanese are facing, they argued over whose fault it was and complained about the situation. These comments that are posted in Youtube and the CNN news are really not necessary and it’s ridiculous. Do what you can help instead of just arguing about religions or whose fault was that. Some even worst, they make fun of the situation. Even some of the Christians went as far as saying that it is the judgment of God because the nations have sinned and went far away from God. I’m not saying that is entirely wrong, but the question is, what is the right thing or the right words to say now?

We all somehow knew that God is the one who is in control, but God is God. He’s sovereign and He’s far more superior to us. We will never know what plan He has for us; from a small individual to a nation. When the nations/countries is experiencing prosperous period, very often we will not mentioned a single bit about God, giving thanks to His blessing and provision. But then calamities comes upon them, then we will start putting all the blames to God. What a joke. Like what Job said to his wife, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

I don’t know what are the reason behind why God did this, but a visible sign that we all can see is that, the world are united to help those who are in trouble. China are sending over rescue team, money and supplies, U.S troops arrived to support Japanese forces in disaster to relief operations, and I believed that there are many more who can’t wait to help. Disasters, calamities, circumstances or personal struggling happened for one reason, to make us stronger and to unite all the people together to solve the situation.

Japan will be in my prayers especially during this Lent season and give in whatever area that I can.

God, bless Japan and the people in it.

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