Friday, March 11, 2011

Lesson learned over breakfast

This morning I had a wonderful and fruitful breakfast! Not only nice food, but also met an auntie and uncle from my previous church. Had a good chat with uncle and he slip money into my pocket, in fact lots of them. I’m not saying the piece of money, it’s just an illustration. He told me a lot of history about how he supported the church and how he willing to go from one church to the other just to help the needy church. We young people go from one church to the other is because we feel that the church got issues or we don’t particularly like the church setting or the style or whatever, but this uncle, he did the direct opposite. He purposely went to the church that has needs and he is willing to help. What a man of God. I think now he is at least early 60’s. But still, he and his wife commit to the church where there’s a young priest in charge of the church to support them. What a good example to set to the young people.

He told me one thing that really strikes me. He says “History is very important! You’ve gotta know the history so that the same mistakes wouldn’t be repeated again.” How true!! He starts telling me what he’s gone through and all his experiences in life; in brief.

What conclusion that I draw from him is that, if we (the younger generation) want to be successful in our lives; we need to talk and learn from these aunties and uncles experiences. They had gone through many things in life, both successful and failure in their lives. We truly can learn many from them if we just take the initiative to talk to them. This is also why the same reason why God gave the word to them and ask them to teach their children about who God is and what He had done in the past. By knowing what God has done for their past generation creates faith in the children's life for future development. And why we do need to read the bible now is because we also need to know the history so that we won't repeat most of the mistake that they have made. Quoted from Norman Cousins "History is a vast early warning system."

I’m learning now really how to connect not only to peers, which I think I’ve learned from my previous church, but now also to more elderly people and the younger ones and also the youngest ones. So that in future, it’s useful for me to understand their struggles. Always be willing to learn, you've never know how much you can be a better person.

*A fruitful breakfast that only fills the stomach but also mind!*


Darren C. Edward said...

Macam kenal saja this auntie and uncle.. haha

D@nnY {-.-"} said...

Memang kau kenal tu.. hahah.. there's none other than...