Thursday, September 08, 2011

Prayer has been answered..

Yup, I'm back again.. Suddenly feel like blogging after such a long while I've not update since like, (sigh). What? Like ah, 6 months ago? Hahaha. It's rather busy over here in the church here. Event after events. Well, what's new for this past 6 months? I tell you what's new. I got my MACBOOK PRO... Finally... After so many years of asking God and with my full dedication of believing that one day, one day "You'll be mine!" And true enough, that "DAY" came.. What a journey of faith.

Recently from what I've learned through devotions and also by listening to a few sermons, one one verse prompted me to remind me about a lesson of prayer. In Mark 11:24, it says, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours". True enough that I've received it. Sometimes I felt that my faith is not that strong either, cause' I always doubt that could I ever have a chance to get a macbook? It's way to expensive and I simply couldn't afford it. Oh ya, did I mentioned it's a gift too? Hahaha..

The Bible clearly said, "WHATEVER you ask for in prayer", whatever means whatever. Whatever also can be ask through prayer. Sometimes we don't dare to ask much or simply we don't believe by asking we can get what we wanted. I believe this is not He intended for us to have such a small faith. Well, my prayers have been answered one by one when the time is right. What I need to do is just to believe. I personally don't think it's too hard. At the first place, you don't even have it, what's wrong with believing that you will get it someday? No harm for me to put my whole self to believe it in. With that, I got my reward.. Thank you God..

*my first post with my mac mac* Ngek Ngek Ngek..

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